Depression and Suicide: What You Need to Know

Depression and suicide are issues that affect millions of youth and adults around the world. Unfortunately, while depression is a treatable condition, most young people don’t get even minimal care1. And if it’s left untreated, depression can lead to self-harm or suicide.

The number of young people that die from suicides each year is “a harsh reminder that suicide and suicide attempts are affecting too many youth and young adults,” says Dr. Ileana Arias, director of the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.2“ We need to make sure suicide prevention efforts are continuous and reaching children and young adults.

By staying involved and being aware of what’s going on in kids’ lives, adults are more likely to be able to recognize the signs of teen depression and help kids successfully deal with difficulties and avoid serious problems.

Did You Know?

  • More than one out of every 20 Americans age 12 years or older is currently suffering from depression.3 * Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people.4

  • The more Developmental Assets youth have, the less likely they are to frequently experience depression or attempt suicide. Forty-four percent of young people with 0 to 10 assets, compared to 5 percent of youth with 31 to 40 assets, frequently experience depression or have attempted suicide.5


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I think bullying is serious and like how your doing things PUT IN MORE THINGS ABOUT IT i want to know more pelese

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri 2011-24-12:00
I think that only 40% of the parents know about this terrible problem that is afecting the hole world.Tthis terrible situation has to be with 2 factors the loose of love, and
education also, responsability. My questioon is. Have we forgotten the laws, and rules that Jesus Crist taught us?

I haven’t read it yeat but depression comes quickly and sudden if families aren’t well suited to adapt with there child’s way of unique qualities.
Parents eaither feel its a threat or a problem in which they can’t understand or want to if there child is acting to silly or to nice.
The parents who aren’t good parents do not have the faith, or strengths to have the time for there child.
If a child sustains to much in school, they need someone to rely upon and if that parent is not right in the head or does not have paticient – they too will inflict harm to his kid.
Parents need to know bringing a child into this world has great responsibilities and it doesn’t mean more money to them but it means acting like an adult and handling situations and if they lack it seek help to find ways to make that kid happy and manage there life in a good way and not in the wrong way.
I have more to say but another time. JS

how do you know when a child is really unhappy, or just being a teenage girl?

my granddaughter is five and she is being bullied by a girl in her class but she is showing signs of depression. we have taken steps to stop this. it is so frustrating.

My son is 15 and gets bullied at school everyday. He is to the piont where it is over taken his behavior . I am sick of the schools not doing anything. This has been going on since 4th grade and now he is in 9th grade.The school says it’s just boys being boys. I am so sick of the excuses . I am so done with this.
I am going to the school today .I am going to ask one more time for something to be done,if not I will be getting a lawyer. My son does not deserve to be treated like this ,NO ONE DOES. God made us all different for a reason. Please hang in there if u r going through this also,I am done lefting going of things.

i know how it feels to want to die and kill yourself i lost my father and mom , mother at age 3 foater at age 13 .

For the parent of the 15 y/o who is being bullied –

I had the same situation with a 15 y/o daughter. I did just what you are planning- marched into the school and demanded change saying that my daughter couldn’t bear going to school that day to be subjected to bullying. The girl who was bullying her even used to be her friend – our family had been very kind to her last fall! Now she was almost stalking my daughter to be places where my daughter’s path would cross so the bully could put my daughter down in ways she knew would hurt. I used the “L” word – “If this doesn’t change we will take legal action”. I demanded that this girl not SAY ANOTHER WORD to my daughter. So far, it is working! I’ve also heard to document EVERYTHING, have your son report EVERY incident. Be very careful not to threaten the bully yourself – it’s sad, but I’ve read about how parents trying to protect their child get in legal trouble (trying to directly tell the bully to back off). But if the school won’t take action, do what you have to in order to protect your son – it’s hard to make changes but take him to a different school that has better policies and where he can make a fresh start.

the information is great and i am sad of youth behavier

Why do people cyber bully people it started with physicly bulling people and now it got so out of hand it began becoming a problem on the internet this has to stop this is just making the world worse many people became so deprssed they commited suicide like Amanda Todd like a year ago this is so stupid the people and the technolegy UNBELIVEABLE

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