Teaching Kids to Be Caring

We want our kids to place a high value on helping other people, which is what caring is all about. When we teach kids to care, not only do they learn how to care about themselves, but they also learn how to care for others and make the world a better place.

  • One way to teach children how to care is by having a pet or interacting with a friend’s pet. For young children, learning to be gentle and caring are important values. Older kids can learn how to play with a pet and recognize the cues of “come closer” or “give me some space.”
  • Whenever your child notices that someone is upset and wants to help, encourage him to act on that impulse. Afterward, talk about how proud you are of your child for caring.
  • Find a meaningful way for your family to volunteer to help others. For example, serve soup at a food shelf. Deliver a meal to an elderly acquaintance who lives alone. Visit people in the hospital or a nursing home. (Learn more in our Serving Others section.)
  • When you see news stories about natural disasters or tragedies, get your family together and ask what you can do to help. Maybe you can purchase water and deliver it to a drop-off collection center. Or you could assist a local organization in a relief effort.

By expressing concern for others in various ways, you can set a positive example for your child and let her or him know that caring for others is important. Raising caring kids is something that requires a caring lifestyle; start thinking about how you act today and see if you can make any changes to be more caring.





Teaching by example is great lesson, going out will your kids to share gifts to orphanage home and visiting the hospitals and sharing things to sick people is a great joy.

Mrs. Ahmed (Nigeria).

Volunteering at places, and taking your kids with you to also volunteer, teaches them many things, while also seeing you do it as well to serve others. Also donating things to others, whether it be clothes, items you do not use any more, or even buying a meal and offering it to someone else, when your kids see you do that – that is an amazing teaching example.


It is not necessary to think of big things in order to express caring and kindness. In my book, I value the role that the humble greeting card can play in bringing happiness into someone’s life. No, I don’t mean e-cards or the generic, store-bought cards. What I’m talking about are real paper cards that are personalized, with photos added which you design online and which are printed and mailed by a company in Salt Lake City, UT to any destination around the world. I’m saying all these not to sell anything. I won’t even mention the company name. I just want to inform you that such a technology exists.


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