Encouraging Kids to Be Responsible

How much do your kids help with family chores? How much does your child take responsibility for working hard in school? Teaching your child to be responsible does not happen overnight. Little by little, we can help kids become responsible by giving them age-appropriate responsibilities and clear guidance on how to fulfill their obligations.

  • Search Institute researchers found that among older children, sixth graders are the most likely to be responsible, and ninth graders are the least likely to be responsible. The good news, however, is that kids gradually become more responsible as they get older. High school seniors are almost as responsible as sixth graders. Continue to talk about the importance of responsibility—even when kids are in a phase of being irresponsible.
  • Create a family to-do list, making each family member responsible for a specific chore. Then periodically switch these chores so that family members don’t get bored.
  • Break responsibilities down into easy-to-do steps. Many kids don’t act responsibly because they don’t understand all the steps involved—or they get overwhelmed.

Many parents struggle with teaching their children to be responsible. It’s not something that comes easily, and it doesn’t help that different generations have very different standards of responsibility. But with caring instruction, your kids will learn the value of being responsible and come to realize that even though they may not like it, it’s best for everyone.



Thank you guys for this post I’m a new father and don’t know what it means to be this has helped me with my questions and gave me a better view on my future situation thanks.

It is very interesting top to all parents.

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