Teaching Kids to Be Honest

We want our kids to tell the truth—even when it’s not easy. But being honest is a tricky thing. There are white lies, half-truths, and withholding information. When we teach our kids to be honest, we help them develop into individuals with tact and compassion.

  • Create a warm, loving, and safe home environment so when your kids make mistakes, they feel they can admit them honestly and seek out your help. When they do admit their errors, be careful in how you respond so you don’t shut them down. Yes, they may need to be disciplined, but approach the situation as a learning experience.
  • Kids learn a lot about honesty from the way you act. They notice when you tell lies over the phone—or to a salesperson to get rid of her. Work on being honest yet tactful and respectful to others.
  • Be honest if you’re having a hard time doing something, such as losing weight (and you’re tempted to sneak cookies) or quitting smoking (and you’re tempted to smoke away from the family without them knowing it). Talk about how lying is much more than telling outright lies. It also involves deception and withholding information.
  • Praise your kids when they’re honest with you (even if you’re very angry about what they told you). Notice when they’re being honest—it’s not always easy!

Kids have a lot of opportunities to be dishonest—at home, at school, with their friends, and in many other places. It’s up to you to teach them that being honest is the right thing to do, even when it might get them in trouble. Show them through your actions that telling the truth is always the best decision, and they’ll follow suit.



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