What Is Peer Pressure?

Parents hear talk about peer pressure all the time. Schools talk to their students about it. But do you really know what peer pressure is? Put simply, peer pressure is the effect the people around your child have on her or his decisions. And though this seems simple, peer pressure can be a complicated issue with many different facets.

  • It’s important to understand that there are both positive and negative peer pressures. Positive peer pressure helps your child make the right choices, and results from having a group of friends with positive values. Negative peer pressure makes it difficult for your child to make positive choices, even if he knows the right thing to do.
  • While peer pressure is usually talked about in the context of middle and high school students, it affects kids of all ages. Even very young children can experience peer pressure when they enter into social situations, such as preschool or child care.
  • Many parents think of peer pressure as having to do with such behaviors as drinking, drugs, and sex. However, kids can feel pressured into many other things, such as dressing a certain way, treating other people a certain way, or driving with too many other kids in the car.
  • Keep in mind that one of the most common sources of peer pressure is a child’s desire to fit in with a specific group. You can address this issue ahead of time by helping your child cultivate a sense of self-esteem and empowerment.
  • If your child gets into a negative situation and there are other kids involved, it's fairly likely that some negative peer pressure was involved. You can help prevent these situations by preparing your child to make the right decisions, even in the face of intense pressure.
  • Download: FAQ's about Friends and Peer Pressure



    This assumes that parents are talking or listening to their kids! Bad assumption!

    please add another explanation on how peer education can help to assist children/kids to avoid violence at school or normal life. please look for a date rape meaning.

    parents can be a very good counselors for their child. although emotional attachment can blind us see clearly and speak clearly to a child who is suffering. but then detaching yourself and reminding yourself that no matter what, your child too is an individual after all. he would have his own life. its only before he realizes that, that we help him guide him to protect himself.

    thank you . i have a speech on thirsday and it help me to know more about peer pressure

    everything has it’s good limit . please do not go outside from your limit.
    when it goes outside from the limit, it will causes bad improvement in life.
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    everything has it’s own limit. when it comes outside from the limit,it will destroy the future of children
    it may be useful for a short duration in the beginning just to induce one to start the path of self discovery
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