Discipline: A Balancing Act

Setting boundaries and expectations—and enforcing them with discipline when needed—is required for the healthy development of your children. By viewing discipline as teaching your child, instead of punishing your child, you can help your child develop responsibility, self-esteem, confidence, and a positive personal identity. Having clear, consistent boundaries also helps children feel safe and secure.

Why Discipline Matters:

  • Only 48 percent of teenagers surveyed indicate that their family has clearly defined boundaries, which includes having clear rules and consequences and having parents that monitor their teens’ whereabouts.1

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  • Did You Know? Girls are more likely than boys to say that their parents keep track of their whereabouts. A full 86 percent of girls (and 77 percent of boys) say their parents ask where they are going and who they will be with most or all of the time.1


1 Developmental Assets: A Profile of Your Youth (Minneapolis, MN: Search Institute, 2005), 2003 weighted aggregate dataset, unpublished report.



We (parents and grandparents) have been using the time out method of discipline with our two and half year old granddaughter for over a year now. She goes in time out for one minute for each year of age. The time out spot is a wall or anywhere there is nothing to look at and she must face the boring surface. No talking or throwing fits during the set time or the timer is reset. This works great anywhere, the grocery store, mall, restaurant, friends house, even the park. First we tell her why she is going to time out. When it is over, we talk calmly and quietly with her eye to eye and go over why she was in time out and reinforce that we still love her, followed by a kiss and a hug. We do not make a big fuss about it, especially important in a public setting. Embarrassing her is not the goal or purpose. We’ve had tremendous success with this method. . She is well behaved and seems to understand that everyone has boundaries. (The adults in her life also go to time out for unacceptable behavior, like saying a bad word, etc.). This has worked so well that occasionally she will put herself in time out when she knows she did something unacceptable.

When it comes to discipline and setting boundaries it very important that it always done in a loving matter and calm disposition
Never do wan’t our children to feel that one is administering discipline because we are upset at them but help them to understand the
Purpose and the reason for the discipline Eph6:4, because when it comes to our Heavenly Father he always exhibits discipline in
A loving manner. We want to always forge a loving relationship with our children ,and keep the lines of communication open
And always want to display this love no matter how they may resond or a child may be upset at us .