Potty Training

Potty Training

  • Don’t get hung up on a timeline for potty training. As parents of older children will tell you, every child gets potty trained eventually. It’s better to follow your child’s timeline rather than your own.
  • Get a child-size potty chair to place next to the toilet. Bring your child in with you when you go to the bathroom. Show your child her potty chair—she will soon want to “go potty” like mom or dad when she sees you do it.
  • Take your child shopping for “big kid” underwear. This is usually another sign of growing up that your child can take pride in.
  • Expect a lot of accidents. Children don’t go from diapers to being perfectly potty trained within a short time. The process can take a while and be messy, so be patient when accidents happen.
  • Praise your child when he is successful. Downplay the accidents.


  • Children will often not be potty trained to sleep through the night for one to three years after they are potty trained during the day. Almost 1 out of 10 8-year-olds still wet the bed.
  • Reassure your child when she wets the bed. Don’t scold her—she can’t help it. Bed-wetting is a biological function, not something she does on purpose.
  • Have your child help you change the sheets. Make it an activity you do together.
  • Protect the mattress with a plastic cover.
  • For some children, cutting down on drinking liquids after dinner helps.


bed wetting is a very big issue in my house. i have tryed so many ways to help, suport, teach and displine my child in any way. i am at my last string i do not know what to do. i lost this battle.

hang in there, eventually your child will be able to have bladder control… it is very important to show your child that he is loved even when he is not perfect…

Hi first time mommy ….and learning as i go :-) I’m sooo happy to say my 2yr old son is potty train but yes he has his accidents at night. What I do to avoid late night wetting i stop giving him juice 1-2 hours before bedtime. It helps if you have one of those hospital mat on his or hers bed. Most kids are different they’ll wake up when the have to pee or not but its OK remember her little people it happens. Just tell them its OK next time you have to pee in the bathroom. Make them understand its nasty to pee on them self but don’t be too harsh.


Good tips here! They don’t work for everyone though. Parents who have tried everything and failed know.. one thing that has worked consistently for my 2 kids and thousands of other parents and kids is a guide that trains kids in 3 days! check it out http://pottytrainingindays.blogspot.com/

When is a good time to start potty training?


It maybe a magnesium deficency my child contunued to wet the bed and had bad leg cramp. I gave him leg cramp pills (they incldue magnesium) and the bed wetting went away…. Good luck to you…

I think its better to wait the child when she wants to, but of course you should always remind her in a nice way.

My first child is 3 n I am trying to train him to pee before going to bed. Its sooo difficult because he keeps refusing to do so. I cant help myself being harsh on him.I feel so sorry after scolding him. Plz wish me good luck because I dnt want to be a harsh mother. Mrs amber

My child was potty train day and night since 3 years old and then a divorce and things happened and now last two years has been wetting at night. started throughout the day here or there behind a chair everything was an accident and while playing. Doctor and therapist says that’s one way they cope with stress or change in their lives. So my daughter is seeing a therapist and is not having accidents during the day anymore but still wets the bed at night. So I use nighttime pull ups. Tried the punishing and everything and nothing worked and got worse. So remember that kids don’t know how to control emotions and hold a lot inside. Even as an adult we do the same thing at times. So imagine your child. Therapist finally getting her to cope with her feelings and talking about it. However, she is very sensitive and needs encouragement more than others at this time, wants to belong have a family and friends and yelling or negative reinforcement she shuts down and produces more negative actions to seek attention. Very frustrating as a parent but I can’t do it alone and got help. I regret the punishments and things I didn’t know then and have to watch myself now, reminding myself positive reinforcement and guidance. Also, with certain friends bullying more sensitive then she used to be and takes everything to heart and it is sad. Knowing you teach them to be kind but at times they need to make a stand and tell that bully I am not afraid and leave me alone. She is very outgoing and you would think she is very confident but deep done still struggling. Definitely, happing at a young age then I remember. Kindergarten on up and sometimes earlier. I just pray God will guide me and give us strength to work through this, to help her continue to be kind and respectful but take a stand and help others around her.

Each child will always be different so I’ve always found the less pressure the better – http://www.potty-training.co

What if your child is potty trained and she is not wetting to bed she is peeing in her pants like twice a day? what and how would I correct that because my little girl is 4 and she has never had an accident where she has peed in her pants till recently. Please someone help me through this because I have tried to correct this but lately she has not listened and so any idea’s on what I should do I would appreciate them, Thanks.


my son is 2 years old and i been trying to find ways to start potty training him but idk where to started any suggestions?

Just something to remember when potty training children. Developmentally children gain control of the ability to use the muscles controlling the bladder at different times. Some children might gain that control as early as 2, however, most children are closer to 3. Toddlers are also learning they are independent of others, thus enjoy expressing this by refusing your directions. Ever watch your child say “NO” to something you know they want or like, then when you walk away or say “OK”, he or she will then do what you just ask. It is, or could be, a battle of the ‘wills’ if you let it. Remember, you are the parent, you are smarter and wiser. The less you make a BIG deal out of training, the easier it will be. Lots of praise and happiness when they go and just something like “Oh well, it was an accident.” Put the focus on the success and take it off the wetting. Peer pressure works wonders. The more your child is around other children who go “potty” the more he/she will follow along. I work for a program educating Birth to Five year olds. My job is primarily teaching and educating parents/families. Having done this for nearly 20 years, I have seen every temperament there is. Each child is unique, and yet they all fall under the development guidelines.


my granddaughter know she should go to the bedroom but doesn’t what is the reason she is turned 4years old in june

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