Marie Williams

Tips for Troubleshooting 5 Common Teen Behavior Problems

By: Marie Williams

Today’s multimedia culture has created many more avenues to expose teens to risky and dangerous choices that not too long ago, were beyond the realm of teenagers’ access and imagination. That’s the bad news. The good news is that many of the strategies for sound parenting remain the same. Read more >>

5 Tips for Nervous Parents: Finding the Right Preschool for your Toddler

By: Marie Williams

Finding a preschool for your toddler is no small undertaking, both from a practical and emotional standpoint. Here are some tips to help you navigate this important—and for some, difficult—milestone. Read more >>

Shame on You! Why We Are Failing our Kids by Using Public Humiliation to Teach Important Life Lessons
By: Marie Williams

By now we’ve all seen the stories on television or online, of parents using novel and very public approaches to discipline their teens and teach them important life lessons. Often, it involves exposing a mistake or lapse in judgment in a very humiliating way... it strikes me as mean-spirited, emotion- focused rather than solution-oriented, and harmful on a number of levels. Read more >>

Beach Sundays: Scenes from a Happy Childhood

By: Marie Williams

Positive family traditions are different than mere good memories; they speak of caring enough to take time away from the business of daily life, acting in common purpose, and honoring our shared roots. In our rapid-paced modern world, taking time away is more difficult than ever, so building those traditions may be more important than they have ever been. Click on the read more link to read about one of our blogger, Marie Williams' favorite family traditions. Read more >

Because I Said So! Dealing with Post-Discipline Guilt

By: Marie Williams

Almost daily, we’re faced with delivering the news to our kids that they are “not in charge” and yes, actually, they need to “do what I say because I am the parent!” And if they still refuse, you have to put some muscle behind it: curtail some of their freedoms, take away a privilege, or use stern language. If you are still struggling to find a positive way to discipline your kids, you’re not alone. It’s tough, and it’s a balancing act. As parents, we almost always want to give kids what they want and when we can’t, it may make us feel guilty. Read more >

Building and Nurturing Self-Esteem: Advice to Parents with Kids of All Ages

“We are each gifted in a unique and important way.

Going at it Alone? 5 Quick Tips for Positive Single Parenting

Parenting without a partner can be difficult.

Are We There Yet? What I’ll Teach My Daughter this Black History Month

By: Marie Williams

This Black History Month, I will be taking full advantage of the opportunity to teach my daughter not only about where we came from, but the reasons we will never go back…Read more >

Making Good Health a Family Affair: 7 Healthy Habits for the New Year
The Anti-Social Media Revolution: Parents, Are You Prepared?

By: Marie Williams

Just as we have begun to get mobilized around addressing cyberbullying, along comes another threat. Social media, with its undeniable benefits, has recently been subverted to become anti-social with young people around the country using it as a tool to organize flash mobs that cause mayhem. As the parent of a teen, here’s what you can do. Read more >

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