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Well-Rested Kids = Successful, Happy Kids!

Back-to-school time is here! Are you shortcutting your sleep—and the sleep that your kids need? Discover why you should start off on the right foot by sleeping (a lot) this school year.

Be Honest; Are You a Happy Parent?

When I first became a parent, I enjoyed reading books by people who were honest about parenting. These books said parenting wasn’t as easy as it looked, and that sometimes it was downright hard and frustrating. Some studies say that parents can’t be happy because parenting is such hard work. Take an honest look within; what do you see?

Playtime...At Any Age!

I’ve always loved playing with my kids. It’s fun to read a baby’s face closely, make an exaggerated face, and get a smile or play peek-a-boo, and get a giggle. As kids become toddlers, they love to ride you like a camel—or an unpredictable cow—that may switch directions or slowly collapse to the floor to take a nap…

What's Your Summer Parenting Style?

As a parent, my favorite part of summer is the laid-back routine. Our schedule tends to be too full during the school year so that by the time summer arrives, we’re all ready to have time to hang out more…

Toons May Be Tempting Kids into Unhealthy Eating Habits

When my children were young (ages 6 and younger), it sometimes felt like a huge battle of who had more influence on my them: me, or what they were seeing on TV or in the movies…

Do You "Get" the Kids in Your Life?

I want my kids to grow up well, and I know as a parent, I can’t do it alone…

15, 16, or 18?

At what age should our teens be hitting the road?

Marijuana: Where Do Your Kids Stand?

Is our society overlooking the dangers of teen marijuana use?

Teen Pregnancy

Why do so many teens want to get pregnant?

Playing the Blame Game

Are you guilty?

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