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By: Dr. Jenna Sethi, Guest Blogger

What do you like most about being with your family? In our November webinar, Nurturing Strong Family Relationships During the Teenage Years, we asked webinar participants to tell us what they enjoy most about being together as a family.

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By: Tricia Cornell

We shouldn’t let opportunities for fun pass us by just because they’re not on the calendar. The secret to a great summer is to mix one part planning with one part serendipity. Here are some ideas for fitting a little of both into your summer.


By: Michele Timmons

Chores are a necessary evil, so how do we get kids and teens to do them without turning into “little devils”? Here are some of my own strategies. Read more >

By: Susan Ragsdale

This Independence Day, families across the U.S. will be on holiday and celebrating with cook-outs, baseball games, waving of flags, family reunions, all types of outdoor fun, and fireworks. To help get your family fired up to celebrate the day with a little more “oomph,” I thought a mock interview with historical figure Betsy Ross might shed some light on why the 4th is such a memorable moment in our family history as a country.

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By: Tricia Cornell

I think a lot of parents my age can relate to this: When I was a young teenager — too old for a babysitter, too young for a job — “summer camp” meant a list of chores left on the kitchen table and a reminder to defrost the chicken in time for dinner.

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By: Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner

I always tell my kids to eat food as close to its natural state as possible. It’s not just a cop-out so that I don’t have to get creative in the kitchen; it’s my way of simplifying what can at times seem like a complicated, overwhelming topic. It’s cutting through the myriad of messages about glycemic index and anti-inflammatories and free radicals and so on, and getting at what’s simple and solid: whole foods are better for our bodies than processed ones. Read more >

Father's Day is this Sunday. And in honor of the national holiday dedicated to dads, we asked some of our own colleagues to share their thoughts on fatherhood. Here's what they had to say >

By: Guest Blogger, Tim Showalter-Loch Father’s Day for me is not about elevating and celebrating my role in my kid’s lives. Quite the opposite, the day gives me pause to stop and admire my kids, honor them, even thank them for giving me the experience of watching them grow up. Read more >

By: Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner

Conversations between kids and parents about summer jobs tend to bring back lots of memories for the adults. You might want to check in with yourself first about your own experiences and biases before focusing on your child’s situation. Having this self-awareness can help give perspective without being the driver of any decisions. Then you can move on to focusing on the current realities for your kids and your family. Read more >

By: Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner

Are we raising a generation of kids who need us to "ooh" and "aah" at their every next step? My mother, whose own mother never even had a birthday cake as a child, calls it "Celebration Inflation", and it ranges from party-for-hire extravaganzas, every-kid-gets-a-trophy tournaments, and graduation celebrations for everything from diapers to med school. Read more >