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In this excerpt from his July webinar, Search Institute Vice President of Research and Development Gene Roehlkepartain talks about creating family traditions. Get tip >>

By: Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner

Why do we push kids so much to be so many things so fast? How about just being kids and a family? Read more >>

In this excerpt from his May webinar, Dr. Doug Coatsworth, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at The Pennsylvania State University, talks about parenting with love and boundaries. Get tip >>

In this excerpt from her August webinar, Vision Training Associates Senior Trainer Flora Sánchez talks about the importance of other caring adults in a child's life. Get tip >>

In this excerpt from his April webinar, Nathan Dungan from ShareSaveSpend.com talks about teaching children to give with a "share check". Get tip >>

By: Jennifer Jolly, ParentFurther.com Editor

As we step into this holiday season, and into 2013, we'd like to take a moment to pause and look back at some of the things we've learned this year. And in the spirit of looking back, we'll be sharing special holiday tips, webinar recaps, and more on the ParentFurther blog and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages all month long. Be sure to stop back in for a visit before 2013! And if you'd like to leave us some feedback as we continue planning our future work, be sure to take our end-of-year survey. Best wishes for a warm holiday season--from our family to yours. Read more >>

By: Michele Timmons

Sometimes parenting a teenager makes me feel like I am raising a "good twin" and an "evil twin", or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Generally speaking, when a teenager's "evil side" takes charge--a snippy remark or the rolling of the eyes--it simply means they are going through a stage in life. In other words, it's normal. Read more >>

By: Tricia Cornell

The sound of it stopped me right in my tracks: A harsh, “Cut that out! That is not okay!” It almost sounded like she was snarling. Where had my daughter learned to talk like that to her little brother? It sounded so terrible coming from such a sweet little kid. And where had I heard that sound before? Oh, no. I knew exactly where I had heard that before, and where my daughter had gotten it. Straight from my own mouth. Did I really sound like that? Oof, sometimes I did. Read more >>

By: Marie Williams

Today’s multimedia culture has created many more avenues to expose teens to risky and dangerous choices that not too long ago, were beyond the realm of teenagers’ access and imagination. That’s the bad news. The good news is that many of the strategies for sound parenting remain the same. Read more >>

By: Tricia Cornell

When kids are tiny, the default term for other kids is “friends.” What did you and your friends do today? Be nice to your friend.(Meaning, of course, "that other toddler you just met at the playground.”) Then, at some point, most kids figure out, Hey. These kids aren’t all my friends. Some of them are my friends. And some of them are just kids in my class. And that kid over there? I’m not sure I like him at all. Read more >>