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Helping kids plan for the future (especially with money) can feel like getting them to sit still before getting their blood drawn at the doctor’s office. That short waiting time can feel like an eternity to them. Yet, kids won’t learn how to make financial plans for the future until you teach them how to wait, plan, and save.

If you’re shopping and your kids ask for something, what do you say? Too many parents say yes way too often!

5 Tips for Taking Your Kids to Work (and Making the Visit Great!)

Jim Conway, Senior Trainer at Search Institute, and parent education expert, shares his tips for helping young people learn to be responsible with money.

Nothing teaches your kids how to manage money better than getting them involved in your family budget. It’s a small thing you can do that will make a huge impact.

We live in a candy-crazed society, so it probably comes as no surprise that most kids crave sweets. The upcoming Easter holiday is one that is especially candy-coated. How are you responding to the clamor for candy?

Money (or the lack of it) constantly makes headlines, but too often we avoid the topic with our kids. Why? Because talking about money isn’t always easy.

If you asked your kids what you spend money on and what you don’t, what would they say? Our kids are learning a lot about what we value and how we use our money to promote our values.

By: Jolene Roehlkepartain

It’s April Fool’s Day! What do you expect will happen? Some people dread this holiday. Others skip it. But if you’re a parent, it’s likely that your kids will do something to celebrate it. So make this a day to have some fun! Consider these ideas.

What can parents do to stop bullying? Research says: 90 percent of children in grades 3 to 6 say they have been bullied at some time. Read on for three simple tips you can use to address the problem.