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You already know that sports and outdoor activities can help your kids stay healthy and fit. But did you realize that they can improve your kids’ brain power, too? Help them score this summer, on and off the court. Read more >>

Make sure your summer schedule includes lots of artistic adventures. Create, explore, and celebrate the arts in your area; you might be surprised how many opportunities exist to color your child's world! Read more >>

Join ParentFurther for summer-long fun and educational activities! Beginning this July, we'll be sharing daily tips, and one blog a week centered on one of the following themes: "Start the Summer off 'Write", "We Heart Art", "Get Out, Get Active", "History Lessons", "Eat Out at Home", "Good Deeds with Dad", "Fun in the Sun with Books", and "Rainy Day Activities". First up is "Start the Summer off Write". Click on the link below to learn how, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check back for fresh, new activities each week this summer! See Activity: "Start the Summer off Write" >>

By: Mark Friestad, Guest Blogger

We all value “close” relationships. There’s a level of intimacy and reciprocity that makes both people feel validated. Communication flows freely, and there’s a high amount of mutual respect. Everyone knows that having a close family is better than having an estranged one. But that’s just the problem. Read more >>

By: Dr. Peter Scales, Guest Blogger

I get a lot of questions about how to address bad, rude, or inappropriate middle-school-aged and teen behavior when it’s coming from other people’s kids. Whether you’ve overheard a young person in your neighborhood swearing, or you’ve witnessed a young person making derogatory remarks or treating another young person badly, it can be tricky to know when—and when not—to confront him or her about the inappropriate behavior. What you might do in different situations depends on several things, but here are three general rules-of-thumb to keep in mind when addressing these types of situations. Read more >>

By: Susan Ragsdale

Can families volunteer? Can I? What age do you have to be to volunteer here? These are the same questions that pour forth every year from 13 eager girls, ages 9-12, involved in my local YMCA's one-week summer volunteer camp. Read more >>

By: Rebecca Post, Guest Blogger

As another school year draws to a close, your children will be taking exams and completing final projects. You may assume that your child would never cheat, but you may also be aware of Americans’ shifting values around cheating. It seems that even some educators cheat. Most recently, 35 educators in the Atlanta Public Schools were indicted for falsely improving students’ test scores. Read more >>

By: Vicki Bohling

My name is Vicki and I’m a mean mom. Not all the time, mind you, but I apparently have it “in me”. Read more >>

By: Steve Palmer

The popular television show Modern Family stars several families who are connected to one another through various relationships. Have you seen it? It’s a very funny and entertaining show, but another important reason to watch it is because it portrays a pretty accurate view of how our society has changed to accommodate the various “new” definitions of “family”. There is a so-called traditional family (mom, dad, two kids), a same-sex couple raising their daughter, and a blended family (dad, mom and her biological son). Read more >>

By: Becky Post, Guest Blogger

If you are a parent of a junior or senior in high school, you probably find yourself muttering that persistent cliché, “Time flies.” Now that my nineteen-year-old daughter is in college, a few more clichés appear to be enduringly true, and foremost of all is this one: “It’s none of your business.” In fact, this realization has evolved into a few cold hard reality checks that my husband and I are learning to embrace. Read more >>