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When you see your kids being creative, courageous, or kind, which role models do you think of? Which character traits matter to you?

It’s a common theme in blended families—the two adults are thrilled to be together, but the kids often have a different reaction. Blending two families into one can be tricky—and sometimes daunting.

Teenagers and texting go hand in hand, but can kids text too much? According to researchers, the answer is yes.

By: Jolene Roehlkepartain

Where has the year gone?! To many parents, getting ready for the holidays is like preparing for a marathon. They’re not quite sure they have enough time to get ready—or if they want to run that far.

The average family spends $11,650 to $13,530 a year to raise a child. How do you raise your kids within your means?

Whether you need—or want—to work as a parent, finding work that fits with your family life can be challenging. How do you do it?

When your family gathers around the Thanksgiving table this year, what will your kids think? Will they be excited about this holiday—or will they dread it?

This sandwich is no picnic. It’s a difficult situation to deal with— being “sandwiched” between caring for your kids and caring for your parents (or another elderly family member).

In too many families, talking about money is the equivalent of picking a fight. It can be hard to talk about money with your kids, especially when they’re always asking for it!

In our home, we talk a lot about elections, voting, and politics because we feel it’s important to be engaged citizens who take seriously the right to vote and taking a stand on what matters.