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When we add up the different types of diversity (religion, disability, sexual orientation, income, gender identity, primary language spoken, and others), we can see that our kids are growing up in a richly diverse world. It’s important we help them embrace and thrive in the midst of diversity!

Although most kids love having the summer off, many educators are concerned about the summer academic slide. So what’s a parent to do? Here are some ways you can make sure your kids don’t slip academically during the summer.

By: Jolene Roehlkepartain

Is it really worth the effort to get kids to help out with family chores? According to research, the answer is yes.

Kids’ growing pains are more than just physical. Kids’ growing pains can be about their social lives, academic pains, or just growing up emotionally. No wonder it’s not easy being a kid!

Although economic experts say the economy is turning around, my family is still feeling the pinch. Is yours?

Every spring, I find myself doing a new puzzle: How will all the pieces of summer fit together?

By: Jolene Roehlkepartain

As the weather gets warmer, kids and families like to spend more time outdoors. Keep your children safe from the many dangers that lurk outside by trying these 10 tips.

What I love most about toddlers and preschoolers is how creative they are. They have imaginations that put pieces together in inventive ways, and they concoct creative stories that are absolutely delightful. So how can we help our kids hold onto their childlike creativity well into their teens and adulthood?

In our home, we love spring. We have fun in spring, and we celebrate this season as new life pops up around us outdoors.

Did you spot the moment during the Royal Wedding that got every parent talking? If not, examine this picture. Look closely at the bottom left-hand corner.