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By: Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner

Since learning several years ago of their existence, I’ve regularly threatened to send my kids to "manners school." The threat typically happens in moments during dinner when they are animatedly arguing the details of a story, mouths chock full of rice and veggies, corn on the cob, or otherwise highly-spewable foods. Our teacher friend, Jane, I remind them, put her kids through her own version of etiquette training a few summers ago. “Maybe I’ll hire Jane to shape you up.” Read more >>

Today's guest blogger, April Gordon, is an active member of the Unmask the Media Project, a student-run program, developed by the Tulsa, Oklahoma Youth Philanthropy Initiative, that addresses the issue of the media’s negative effects on teenager’s self-perceptions. Her blog is the first in a series of three "Young Voices" blogs, where some of our young friends will lend their perspective on what it means to be a digital citizen. Read more >>

By: Mary Margaret Reagan-Montiel, Guest Blogger

Growing up in a multicultural family gave me the opportunity to live knowing that we share more commonalities than differences. Self-identity is, in part, passed down from the previous generation, but it's also something you get to choose for yourself as an adult. Read more >>

By: Michele Timmons

Yay! School is back in session. Boo! I want to help out at school, but between work and keeping my family together, I just don’t have the time. Is this thought rolling through your brain right now? Here are 10 creative ways to share your talents with your child's classroom, without ever even entering the building! Read more >>

By: Susan Ragsdale

It's National Hispanic Heritage month, and I can think of no better way to celebrate than by honoring my friend, Carol, and asking her for her insights and perspective on what it means to be Latina in the United States. Read more >>

Dear readers, know that I have received full permission – encouragement, in fact – from my 18-year-old daughter, Gaby, to retell the following stories. Read more >>

By: Steve Palmer

We grown-up males oftentimes groan upon recalling a time when our voices started cracking and our bodies and thoughts started changing –a lot. I think puberty gets a bad rap in our culture. Even more than the so-called “terrible twos,” adolescence can be feared by parents and seen as a time that is best when it’s behind us. Read more >>

By: Liv Lane

This month's guest blogger is Liv Lane, daughter of the late Dr. Peter Benson. Benson was a youth development pioneer and the creator of the sparks concept. According to Liv, he was also her own "rock star", always supporting her passions and interests, and along with his wife (Liv's mother), always helping Liv in the journey of discovering her own "inner song". Read more >>

By: Jennifer Jolly, Web Editor, ParentFurther

The word "sparks" can have different meanings for different people. A simple Google search of the word "sparks" returns dozens of results--anything from glowing images of fireworks to the official website for a women's professional basketball team. But the definition I'm most familiar with is one that gets thrown around our office daily. It's a word I've introduced into my regular vocabulary, and you should too. Read more >>

By: Michele Timmons

At some point, almost every child comes home saying school is "boring" or their favorite subject is lunch. Here are 8 tips to help your child if she says she hates school. Read more >>