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Dear Parent/Parent Educator,

Many educators, youth program leaders, and parents across the United States are talking about the importance of helping kids develop “soft skills” like motivation, optimism, or persistence.

If you could focus on helping your child develop one of these numerous soft skills―also called noncognitive skills or social emotional skills―which would you choose?

Despite the growing consensus that schools and youth programs should help kids develop these noncognitive skills, there is also a good deal of confusion about which skills should be emphasized and how to measure them. At Search Institute, we are participating in several national efforts to answer these questions related to noncognitive skills. To inform those efforts and guide our work in creating research-based surveys that measure the development of noncognitive skills, we have created an online Soft Skills Prioritization Poll that you can access by clicking on the button below.

The poll takes less than a minute to complete, and consists of simple questions that ask you to indicate your level of interest in 10 key noncognitive skills. After you take the poll, you can see how all respondents ranked the skills. You can also download a set of 50 great questions to start conversations with your child about the noncognitive skills that are the focus of the poll.

Your Voice Matters!

Your participation is key! We are particularly interested in learning which of these skills parents wished their child's school or program would cultivate or emphasize.

The poll will be live on the Search Institute blog and here, on the ParentFurther.com blog until Saturday, September 7. We will provide weekly updates that feature the noncognitive skill that is leading in the poll. Information will also be shared on which skills have moved up or down in the rankings. At the end of the month, we will share the final results with visitors to our websites. These results will also be utilized in national initiatives to prioritize and measure noncognitive skills.

With sincere appreciation your participation,

The Search Institute (and ParentFurther) Team

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