Voices From around the Office: What Does Father's Day Mean to You?

Father's Day is this Sunday. And in honor of the national holiday dedicated to dads, we asked some of our own colleagues to share their thoughts on fatherhood. Here's what they had to say:

"To me, Father's Day is a day of remembrance. Both my father and mother are gone now, but it allows me to think of them both (as it's tough to think of one without the other). My dad was the spiritual leader of our house and I am eternally grateful for that. One of my main goals in life was to make my parents proud of me, and to be honest, that's still one of my goals as I know they're watching over me." —Ron Berg, AP/AR/Payroll Specialist, Search Institute

"As a son, and not a father myself, Father’s Day serves as my date of reflection for all of my dad’s personal sacrifices, empowering guidance, and strong support that he has provided to me while I grew up. And to this date, he continues to provide these things to me—even without me asking for it! Fatherhood really is the job that never quits, and it takes a strong individual to live up to that challenge. For that, I thank him endlessly." —Justin Roskopf, Resource Specialist, Survey Services, Search Institute

"As Father’s Day approaches, my thoughts naturally turn to my dad, who passed away in 2010. My brothers and I have spent time over the past two years sorting through his lifetime of memories, papers, and odds ‘n’ ends. It has reminded me of some of what he taught us by how he lived his life. Here are a few things I learned from Dad that I hope rubbed off on me." —Gene Roehlkepartain, Acting President and CEO, Search Institute

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"Father’s Day for me is not about elevating and celebrating my role in my kid’s lives. Quite the opposite, the day gives me pause to stop and admire my kids, honor them, even thank them for giving me the experience of watching them grow up." —Tim Showalter-Loch, Vice President of Operations and Communication, Search Institute

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