Fun in the Sun . . . with Books

This summer, include books in your family’s fun-in-the-sun activities! Kids who read throughout the summer perform better in school, no matter where or when or what they read. So take it outside, kids!

  • Start your summer road trip with a stop at the library! Fill a beach bag with books that your family hand-picks to read on the trip. Include books about the places you’re visiting and titles you can read aloud together on the road.
  • —>Why It Matters: You can turn travel time into quality time. Studies show that when kids read for fun over the summer, especially books that match their reading levels and interests, they become better readers and are less likely to forget all the good stuff they learned during the school year! (Recommended for all ages)

  • Give your books a beach cover-up! Use construction paper, wrapping paper, or newspaper pages to create summer covers for your child’s favorite books. Let them add stickers, doodles, and their own illustrations. Then take those titles to a beach or pool, where they’ll be better protected from the sun, wind, and water.
  • —>Why It Matters: Not only are you making books fun and enticing, you’re giving your child a unique way to be creative and artistic, which has all sorts of benefits! A study of middle- and high-school students by the U.S. Department of Education shows kids involved in the arts do better on standardized tests, volunteer more, and watch fewer hours of TV. Cool! (Recommended for ages 6-9)
  • Create an outdoor book nook! Find a perfect little corner of your yard, deck, or community park to make a cozy secret spot for curling up with some good books. Fill it with picnic blankets, pillows, snacks, and a pile of books for your kids to pore over.
  • —>Why It Matters: Kids who read frequently and have easy access to books have been found to be more competent and resilient in risky situations. Plus, one of the simplest ways to help your kids grow up smart and capable is to let them spend plenty of time in nature! (Recommended for ages 10-13)
  • Read by the light of the moon. Go outside for bedtime stories under the stars with a blanket, a flashlight, and a favorite book to share with your child.
  • —>Why It Matters: Want peace on earth? Start at home! Exposure to the outdoors helps children develop some serious super powers: observation skills, creativity, and a greater sense of peace and being at one with the world. (Recommended for ages 3-5)
  • Turn little bits of nature into one-of-a-kind bookmarks! Teach your child to treat their books with TLC by making special, nature-inspired bookmarks or name labels for each one. Collect leaves, flower petals, sticks, and other objects; then laminate the items or paste them on paper.
  • —>Why It Matters: More good news for nature lovers! Kids who spend time outside are better able to endure the stresses of life and effectively deal with adversity. The more they’re out in nature, the more they benefit! (Recommended for all ages)
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