Marijuana: Where Do Your Kids Stand?

6 facts you should know:

1. While 69 percent of teenagers think it’s risky to smoke cigarettes, only 34 percent think it’s risky to smoke marijuana.1
2. Some parents aren’t concerned about marijuana because they used it as a teenager. However, the marijuana today is 10 times stronger than the marijuana used a generation ago.2
3. Fourteen states have currently legalized medical marijuana.3 Many more states are currently considering legislation to legalize it.4
4. Forty-four percent of Americans today say that marijuana should be legalized.5 That compares with only 12 percent who felt that way in 1969.6
5. More and more teenagers are using synthetic marijuana, known as K2 or Spice, because it’s legal for anyone to buy, and is sold as an “herbal incense” in a number of stores.7
6. Sixty-eight percent of teenage guys think using marijuana is okay.8

My Take on It:

When I asked my teenagers and their friends which drug was the least risky, many said marijuana. They said that marijuana isn’t addictive like smoking cigarettes, and that many states now say it’s okay to use marijuana if you’re sick. In fact, they seemed to think marijuana was as harmless as using an over-the-counter medication like aspirin or cough syrup. They talked about how they could find YouTube videos on how to smoke pot, how to grow it, and why it should be legalized.

To me, marijuana is still a gateway drug. I don’t think kids should be using it, just like kids shouldn’t be smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. It concerns me that many of our kids today are growing up thinking that marijuana is okay for those who want to use it.

Talk Further:

Ask your child: “What do you think of teens using marijuana?”

Explore Further:


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Everything is okay in moderation. I dont drink alot because I was allowed to have a drink when I was little, I dont smoke a lot because I enjoy smoking but dont want to smoke too much, and I dont smoke a lot of weed because I merely don’t want to.

Weed is not a gateway drug, it is only a drug and the people to use it CHOSE to take other drugs which they probably would have done anyways are the problem. Weed is a plant, at the end of the day it grows…naturally, pretty much everywhere. A friend of mine went to Kazakhstan a couple of months ago and it grows EVERYTWHERE! ON the sides of roads, on mountains and out of walk-ways. Fact is, that the Kazakhstan people arent constantly high, they do not smoke it…because they have been around it since they were small, it holds no interest for them.

In a country like America, youre told ‘No, you cant do that’ all the time…this is leading me towards the old saying of….being told you cant push the button makes you want to push the button.

Its legalisation that it needs, tax it, get it out there…no one will be interested that wasnt before. Its because its illegal that kids want to try it, you make it legal then the urge to do something ‘bad’ has gone.

And as a personal note, weed isnt bad its not evil it hasnt ever killed anyone.

hi i am an 8th grader and i am writing an essay about if marijuana should be lealized.

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