Seeing the LOL Moments in Parenting

By: Susan Ragsdale

I often wonder how much we really appreciate the gift of everyday moments with our kids. It’s so easy to get caught up in parenting duties (making sure that we get them from point A to point B on time, or that their homework is done, or that they’re clean, dressed, and ready to go) that we forget to truly enjoy the precious, little moments. I don’t want to miss those moments, especially the funny ones, from being too preoccupied with daily tasks, so I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to relax, open my eyes, and be a little more aware of the humorous things that can happen when I spend time with kids. Read more >

As inspiration, I’ve asked my friends, family, and Facebook connections to share with me the funny things their kids have said and the humorous things they’ve done. They generously shared stories of ordinary days, stories dubbed as “family treasures” and moments that have become classic family legends (told and retold over time). Some of my friends even thanked me for challenging them to open their eyes to look for the funny. It is my joy to share with you some of their funny kid stories.

  • My son looked in his chest of drawers for his shorts and couldn’t find them. He asked me, “Where are my pants with the short leg sleeves?”
  • Due to traffic reports, we took an alternate route to school. My backseat driver asked, “Um, are you sure you know how to go this way, Mama?” I replied, “Yes, Emmy, I do.” Several minutes passed. “Is this really the right way, or are we gonna end up who knows where?”, she said. I replied, “This is the right way, and why don’t you let me drive and you just enjoy the ride?” A few more minutes passed. My backseat driver spoke again, “Huh, here we are almost to school. I really didn’t think you knew where you were going at all, but I guess you did. Or, maybe, you just lucked out this time.”
  • Beaver, age 3 ½ was learning his alphabet, so signs (traffic, buildings, etc.) were a big deal. We went to the park one day, and he saw the “No Parking” sign (the P with a slash across it) and said to me, “Mom, we have to leave our letters in the car. There aren’t any letters allowed in the park.”
  • “What’s that?” I looked in the direction that Donald was pointing. “It’s a half-moon,” I replied. He looked puzzled and asked, “Who broke it?”
  • I had been casually talking about going to Miami for quite some time, just desiring some time on beach and in the sun. Around that time, my five-year-old son asked me, “When are we going to see your Ami?”
  • The doctor informed my wife that she was so allergic to dogs that we couldn’t have dogs in the house anymore. Upon hearing the news, our four-year-old looked at me and said, “Daddy, can’t you get Mommy a home to live in all by herself?”
  • I had been working with my child on helping him understand the concept of God being “with us”. I wasn’t having much luck. (I felt like I needed a theology degree for his questions and viewpoints!) Last week, I decided to try a new approach. With my hand over my heart, I said, “I feel God here, in my heart.” Jackson gasped in horror and said, “You ATE Him?!!”
  • We were serving communion at church. As the “wine” was being passed down the aisle to each person, a little boy behind me leaned toward his parents and whispered loudly, “Will this make me drunk?”
  • A little boy said to his mom, “Do you know why God is left-handed? Because Jesus is sitting on his right hand!
  • My son, Erik, age 8, and I were in the living room with his uncle. The movie, Dumb and Dumber was on. The scene playing out before us was a charity fund-raising event. Two owls were in the side view of this scene with a—shall we say—well-endowed woman in front of them who was wearing a low-cut dress. Erik, out of the blue, said, “Those aren’t real.” I looked at my brother-in-law, and then looked at Erik in shock. I casually asked, “What aren’t real, Erik?” He replied, “The owls! The owls aren’t real.”
  • My six-year-old son asked, “How does a guy get up the courage to ask a girl to marry him?” Curious about why he would ask such a question, I probed further. I told him that he would have to finish 12 years of school, get a license to drive, get a car, get a job, and finally get a house before he asked someone to marry him. Eventually I discovered that the pretty girl who had caught his eye was 15 years old. My son continued to explore the idea of marriage to his dream girl and finally asked if he could just use our house to live in with his new bride! You have to give him points for persistence in pursuing his idea!
  • Sitting at the table, our daughter burped loudly. We asked her, “What do you say? Heather instantly replied, “Good one!”
  • Anna Kate started out doing the right thing. She asked permission to go next door to play with the neighbors’ dog. “Sure,” I replied. Thirty minutes later she was back and said, “I’m sorry. Nellie got out and I can’t get her back in the house.” I reassured her that our neighbor would get Nellie back in and not to worry. At this point, Anna Kate informed me that our neighbor wasn’t home. She had let herself into their house, played with the dog (and feed her LOTS of treats) without anyone being over there! We had a LONG talk about not going into houses when people aren’t home. Our little girl had her first (and hopefully last) break in at age five.
  • Our son outdoes sleepwalking. He sleep-pees. One night he had gotten out of bed and taken a wrong turn to get to the bathroom. He stopped at the place his sleepwalking brain thought was the right place, took care of business, and returned to bed. Unfortunately, his wrong turn in the hall meant that he peed down the staircase. I, mom, discovered the “new bathroom” the next morning when I started to go down the stairs barefooted.

So, I hope these funny little anecdotes have inspired you as much as they did me to start seeing the funny in everyday parenting. As Charlie Chaplin famously said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Tell Us: What is a funny moment you don’t want to forget? Comment on your favorite funny kid story included here, or share one of your own.

Photo Credit: cheriejoyful via Flick’r.

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