How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

By: Samantha MacDonald, Web & Social Media Specialist, ParentFurther

Did you know that March is National Talk to Your Teen about Sex Month? It is easier to talk to your kids about sex as they grow older if you consistently make conversations about healthy sexuality a regular part of your relationship.

Here are ideas and links that can help parents with children of all ages have “the talk.”

Parents with children ages birth to 5

Use simple, accurate words to describe all body parts and body functions.

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Parents with children ages 6 to 10

When your children ask where babies come from, offer honest, simple answers. Emphasize that parents trust each other and love their babies. If children think the idea of sexual intercourse sounds icky or weird, explain that for grownups who love each other, it’s actually normal and nice, and that as our bodies change and develop, our ideas and feelings about our bodies change, too.

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Parents with children ages 11 to 13

Kids this age continue to have questions about sex and romantic relationships, but are also becoming less likely to ask you those questions. You'll need to take the initiative. Car rides can be the perfect venue for one-on-one conversations because you have each other's undivided attention.

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Parents with children ages 14 to 18

Communicate your values clearly regarding sexual activity. Regardless of your moral beliefs, let kids know that abstinence is the only 100% percent effective way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV/AIDS, herpes, chlamydia, and human papilloma virus (HPV). Research STDs if you're unfamiliar with them, and ask your family physician to talk to your kids during their next check-up.

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you should talk clearly and honestly towards your kids


This is definitely a needed article for all parents to read! It’s a tough assignment for some parents, but the rewards of open communication concerning sexual issues will provide the needed guidance to raise a healthy, responsible teen.

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