5 Ways to Find the Perfect Mentor (for You and Your Child!)

By: Samantha MacDonald, Web & Social Media Specialist, ParentFurther

January is National Mentoring Month and the perfect time to start looking for a caring adult to act as a mentor to your child. If your child already has a mentor, consider finding a parenting mentor of your own to help out when you need a second opinion. Here are five tips from ParentFurther to get you started:

  1. Help find natural mentors for children. Introduce them to people you like and respect, and support positive relationships that develop naturally.
  2. Look into a formal mentoring program. You may be able to find one through your child's school or a community organization. Many programs can match kids with an adult who will be a supporter and friend for years to come.
  3. Find a mentor for your child who has similar interests. Do you know someone you can bring into a mentoring relationship with your child who shares your child’s spark? A colleague? Music instructor? Your child’s employer?
  4. Know that sometimes it can take time to find a good mentoring relationship. Don’t become discouraged if the first relationship doesn’t click. Keep looking for a mentor for your child until you find a good fit.
  5. Find and connect with parents who have children who are older than yours. See if any of them have sage advice about parenting. You can develop long-lasting relationships with other parents, and parents who have older kids often can become your parent mentor—even if no one uses the word mentor.

If you would like to learn more about connecting your child with a mentor or becoming a mentor yourself, join us January 28, 2014, at 12PM - 1PM CST for Mentoring Youth: Tips for Getting Started and Staying Motivated, a free webinar hosted by national mentoring expert Gail Manza.

In this webinar participants will learn about:

  • the benefits of youth mentoring
  • the differences between formal and informal mentoring
  • factors that contribute to effective mentoring
  • how to start or connect with a mentoring program
  • follow-up resources to find a mentoring program near you

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