Want to Connect with Your Kids? Here’s 55 Ideas for Sharing Time Together

By: Dr. Gene Roehlkepartain

Shared family activities lay a foundation for family strengths. Earlier this week, ParentFurther hosted a webinar on the importance of family routines and activities that families can do together. Routines and activities can present great opportunities for family members to enjoy each others’ company and deepen their bonds.

We asked participants to tell us about the activities that their families enjoy doing together. They shared numerous ideas that can help you make the most of your family time. Many of their suggestions involved “going” somewhere, but you’ll also find ideas for spending quiet time at home. Here's what they had to say:

  1. Drive places together (It’s great talking time)
  2. Cook meals together
  3. Go to movies together
  4. Go camping together
  5. Go to a park together
  6. Go fishing together
  7. Explore nature together
  8. Go to the mall for a favorite treat
  9. Create new recipes together
  10. Go to a new restaurant
  11. Take walks together
  12. Explore art exhibits and museums
  13. Complete chores together (fold clothes; wash/dry dishes)
  14. Just hang out talking
  15. Play sports together
  16. Take a trip together
  17. Do family service projects
  18. Play games together
  19. Spend time with extended family
  20. Do a home improvement project together
  21. Tell each other stories
  22. Go through family photo albums together
  23. Play music
  24. Grow a garden together
  25. Read to each other
  26. Go to mass/church/synagogue/temple together
  27. Give each child one-on-one time before bed
  28. Watch—and talk about—movies together
  29. Care for other family members (grandparents, ill family members)
  30. Visit coffee shops
  31. Ride bikes together
  32. Pray together
  33. Go to (or organize) family reunions together
  34. Go grocery shopping together
  35. Go to the farmer’s market together
  36. Take cooking classes together
  37. Create photo stories about your family history
  38. Bake treats together
  39. Exercise together
  40. Go swimming together
  41. Go on picnics together
  42. Teach each other something new
  43. Invite a neighbor family to share a meal with your family
  44. Enjoy time outside
  45. Play card games
  46. Play board games
  47. Walk down to the creek through the woods
  48. Sing together
  49. Watch sports together
  50. Visit grandparents
  51. Attend community events
  52. Read together
  53. Do puzzles together
  54. Work on a hobby together
  55. Take classes together

What ideas would you add? Share them with us in the comments section below.

Pray together
Fellowship together
Laugh together
Dance together

Play a video game together.

The first one is very important. My son, who is now 29, and I had some really good conversations while in the car. He was 18 before he got a cell phone. It seems that now all kids have cell phones and unless there are boundaries in place the kids spend way more time on social media than conversing with parents or people in general.


Do simple crafts together
Create a Happy Journal & write each day
Make a Glory Wall in your house & pate your child’s work


You could add: camp together, visit nursing homes, pretend, share dreams, participate in sports, volunteer for worthy causes, agree on family rules, do chores, plan trips, and work on family projects together.

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Teach each other new songs
Dance together
Visit the needy together
Encourage charity activities

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