Just Joking! April Fools Day Prank Ideas for Kids

By: Ann Saylor

April Fool’s Day can be a fun holiday for making family memories, but sometimes kids can get caught up in pranks and cross the line between funny and inappropriate. I’ve done it too. I once wrapped my uncle’s car doors shut with plastic wrap and put uncooked rice in all of his air conditioning vents. I thought it was hysterical, but he was not so happy about the damage to his car! It was a hard lesson learned. Read more >

Talk to your kids about the upcoming holiday. If they are planning on pulling pranks or tricking friends or family members, ask them to consider the following questions:

1. Does it cause harm to people, possessions, or property?
2. Is it funny to everyone involved, including the recipient of the prank?
3. How would you respond if someone did this to you?

If you find that their idea of appropriate is well, inappropriate, here are some fun prank ideas to consider:

Fun with food:

  • Scrape the filling out of a few oreo cookies and refill them with white toothpaste before putting them back in the oreo container.
  • Put an empty doughnut box in the kitchen, then write “April Fool’s!” inside the box for people to find when they try to get a doughnut.
  • Carefully poke a gummy worm into the side of an apple or into a bowl of chocolate pudding.
  • Swap out the cereals inside cereal boxes during breakfast. Put the granola bag into the Chex box, and the Rice Krispies box into the Shredded Wheat box.
  • Sneak two drops of food coloring into the bottom of the empty drink glasses at dinnertime. When someone pours in milk, sprite, or water, they’ll be surprised at the color change.

Fun throughout the day:

  • Superglue a pen cap to the pen and ask people if they can help you get the pen cap off.
  • Change the clocks around the house to read different times – or to set alarms off early.
  • Change a friend’s computer password or phone language so that they can’t log on or make phone calls. Be sure to change it back!
  • Pretend to be a radio quiz show host and call a friend to be a part of the “live” show.
  • Here’s a classic: Sneak a good, old fashioned Whoopee Cushion into a friend’s chair right before they sit down.

We’d love to hear about your favorite April Fool’s Day tricks! Leave your stories in the comment box, so we can laugh and learn from you.

*Photo Credit: StevendePolo on Flick’r.

I really like these ideas. But I have one more. Go in your brothers room. Then put girly stuff all it. Like barby dolls or hearts. Then switch your bed set and his. If he’s crazy about jerms he won’t be so happy. Then put your undies with his. Lastly take a picture and put it on a fake Instagram page. Then next time he’s mean to you show him. See how he reacts then tell him it’s fake.

the glue on phone prank : ) :) :): ): ): ): ) :) : ) : ) :) : ) : ): ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) P:


I was able to escape the pranks this year but I don't think many of my friends were so lucky. These tips you give to the kids are really good and I hope most of those who read them paid attention.



April Fools jokes are a top 10 tradition that most could do without unless of course they are willing to take as much as they can dish out.

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