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I—like most parents—want my kids to grow up well. The truth, however, is that it isn’t always easy to eat dinner together as a family.

Whenever you parent, it’s important to remember that you’re a human being. That means you’ll sometimes make mistakes. You’ll sometimes jump to the wrong conclusion, and you’ll sometimes do downright embarrassing things!

When I was in high school, the only teenagers elected to the homecoming court were the popular people, the best-looking people, and the star athletes.

With the recent rash of young people killing themselves because of the harassing horror they’ve gone through, it’s time to say STOP. No more bullying!

Dr. David Walsh weighs in on dangerous video game “Mods”.

Parenting technologically savvy kids goes well until your son loses his favorite video game,your daughter’s cell phone falls into the toilet, or your child loses the charger. In our home, these glitches can create major meltdowns!

This is the question no parent likes to think about, and it’s often the reason why parents haven’t set up wills, trusts, or designated a guardian.

I’m a big believer in my kids’ education, and I’m also a big advocate of partnering with my kids’ teachers. Sometimes, however, it’s a challenge to partner with a teacher.

We have a warped idea about parenting in our society today. We think that only “bad” kids get into trouble and that “good” kids never do.

That’s complete hogwash!

All kids get into trouble. The difference is whether or not you catch problems early on and deal with them.

Now that school is fully underway, how are your kids’ study habits going? In our home, we’ve already hit a number of panicked moments and complete disorganization. I know this is all part of the transition of getting into a routine, but the transition can be taxing on both parent and child.