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I’m a big believer in my kids’ education, and I’m also a big advocate of partnering with my kids’ teachers. Sometimes, however, it’s a challenge to partner with a teacher.

We have a warped idea about parenting in our society today. We think that only “bad” kids get into trouble and that “good” kids never do.

That’s complete hogwash!

All kids get into trouble. The difference is whether or not you catch problems early on and deal with them.

Now that school is fully underway, how are your kids’ study habits going? In our home, we’ve already hit a number of panicked moments and complete disorganization. I know this is all part of the transition of getting into a routine, but the transition can be taxing on both parent and child.

When you’re an involved, engaged parent, you can sometimes be accused of crossing the line—of being a “helicopter” or “lawn mower” parent. Yet, involved parents are very different than these other two types of parents. Lately, I’ve learned the differences between these types of parents. Here’s a breakdown for you:

Yes, everyone is busy. Yes, a lot of activities are vying for top priority. Yes,school is underway and extracurricular activities are either in full swing or are about to gear up. But since eating healthy matters to us, we’re trying to make some easy, small, positive changes.

With school back in session, parents are cheering, gulping, and scurrying. On one hand, I’m relieved to get back into a school routine with my kids, but on the other hand, I’m wondering how they’re going to do this year while trying to keep on top of the long to-do list.

“Too often we underestimate the power of touch—a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring—all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”—Leo Buscaglia, American author

Whenever I ask parents how responsible their child is, I hear interesting sound effects: hysterical laughter, deep groans, or long sighs accompanied by eye-ball rolling. I have yet to meet a single parent who is satisfied with how responsible their child is.

What are your kids learning from you? As parents, we hope they’re picking up good habits and learning how to be caring, principled people. Yet, no parent is perfect.

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