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By: Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner

Are we raising a generation of kids who need us to "ooh" and "aah" at their every next step? My mother, whose own mother never even had a birthday cake as a child, calls it "Celebration Inflation", and it ranges from party-for-hire extravaganzas, every-kid-gets-a-trophy tournaments, and graduation celebrations for everything from diapers to med school. Read more >

By Guest Blogger, Eugene C. Roehlkepartain

As Father’s Day approaches, my thoughts naturally turn to my dad, who passed away in 2010. My brothers and I have spent time over the past two years sorting through his lifetime of memories, papers, and odds ‘n’ ends. It has reminded me of some of what he taught us by how he lived his life. Here are a few things I learned from Dad that I hope rubbed off on me. Read more >

By: Samantha MacDonald, Online Parent Engagement Coordinator, ParentFurther Do your kids look forward to spending time with you? Well, if you establish a few new family traditions, they just might! Read more >

By: Michele Timmons

We're continuing to honor May's theme of family traditions with more fun stories of family traditions. In today's blog, Michele Timmons shares her own family traditions with us. Read more >

By: Jennifer Jolly, ParentFurther Editor

Oftentimes we’re moving so quickly that we miss out on the little (big) moments, lessons, and miracles that happen through our children. Let this list to inspire you to S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N. and savor the little things that make parenting so grand. Read more >

By: Susan Ragsdale

A clear sign of the impending summer season usually happens inside households across America, right about now. It involves you (mom or dad), sitting at a table with your checkbook and calculator in one hand while the other hand hovers back and forth between the search engines on the computer and the scattered camp brochures before you. You have just realized that SUMMER is almost here, and your kids need a fun, safe place to spend their time. Help is here! Read more >

By: Vicki Bohling

The need to belong in adolescence is powerful. We know from studies of gender development that girls, especially, have a fierce desire to be connected, included and liked. Belonging to groups can be a very positive thing, but when girls feel insecure about their social status, the quest for belonging can lead to some very ugly behavior. In this blog –part two of a two-part series– we examine why and how girls might bully other girls, and present some action steps for adults to take against bullying behavior, in both boys and girls. Read more >

By: Steve Palmer

Most people assume that boys are more likely to be involved in bullying behavior – as both perpetrators and victims – than girls. There is some truth to this idea, but it may have more to do with what we consider "bullying" than with a statistical truth. Boys are, in fact, more likely to be involved in bullying behavior that plays out physically, while girls are more likely to engage in bullying behavior known as “relational bullying”. In this blog –part one of a two-part series– we examine why and how boys might bully other boys, and present some action steps for adults to take against bullying behavior, in both boys and girls. Stay tuned to the ParentFurther Blog for part two in this series, which will focus on girls and bullying behavior. Read more >

By: Guest Blogger, Amanda Okamoto

Mother's Day is almost here, and as much as we appreciate Moms everywhere, nothing drives home the importance of this holiday like cold, hard numbers.