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Tip of the Day May 27

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Thu, 2014-06-05 08:30

Greet your child’s friends warmly and be sure to make eye contact. This shows that you care about them and are paying attention.

A Curriculum to Strengthen Students Against Cyberbullying

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2014-06-04 11:20
Students at the Facing History School in New York City try to understand the circumstances and decisions surrounding larger social injustices and then relate that back to their own experience.

Tip of the Day May 26

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Wed, 2014-06-04 08:31

Deal with problems and conflicts in your family while they’re still small.

Telling Congress What Families Need, One City, State or Hearing at a Time

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2014-06-03 15:26
At a Senate committee hearing, a supporter of paid family leave tries to convince legislators on both sides of the aisle that there's broad bipartisan support for policies that support families.

Sperm Donation is Full of Euphemisms, and an 11-Year-Old is Full of Questions

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2014-06-03 09:43
When I announced the pregnancy at a family dinner, my father reminded my younger brother that I was "helping out" friends by being their "donor." “But David's gay,” he helpfully reminded the table. “How can they make a baby if they're not having sex?”

Tip of the Day May 25

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Tue, 2014-06-03 08:32

Plan family nights to do something fun together. Try out some of these ideas >>

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