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The Cleft-Lip Smile I Never Knew I’d Miss

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Sun, 2014-03-09 08:21
I love the face my son was born with, cleft lip and palate and all. I'm certain we did the right thing by correcting it, but I ache as I miss his triangular "before" smile.

4 Tips for Talking With Your Child about Values

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Sat, 2014-03-08 09:33

By: Gene Roehlkepartain, Guest Blogger

How do you raise a child with character? By teaching positive values. Values are like an integrated compass—they help point the way to thinking and acting appropriately.

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Whose Anxiety Is It?

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Fri, 2014-03-07 10:25
What does a parent — who happens to be a mental health reporter — do when she's concerned about her son? Dives headfirst into the D.S.M., of course. He could have Social Anxiety Disorder. Or maybe Social Phobia. Perhaps Generalized Anxiety Disorder? Or he could just be shy.

Tip of the Day February 27

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Fri, 2014-03-07 09:30

Respect your teenager’s privacy, but take interest in his or her friends and activities.

Like the Common Core? Then You’ll Like the New SAT

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Thu, 2014-03-06 15:41
Both the Common Core standards and the changes to the SAT exam are based on good intentions. They're also riddled with hidden motivations and paths to unintended consequences, and that makes them hard to see clearly.

A Daughter, Her Dad, and the Debate Over Pricey Teen Volunteer Trips

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Thu, 2014-03-06 09:37
Pippa Biddle, a 21-year-old who has gone on many international volunteer trips, thinks most of them are a waste of time. Should parents let their own teenagers go?

Tip of the Day February 26

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Thu, 2014-03-06 09:30

Write a thank you note with your child to a teacher, coach, or youth leader for being an important adult in his or her life.

Tip of the Day February 25

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Thu, 2014-03-06 09:30

Eliminate pessimistic phrases from your family vocabulary. Replace “It won’t work” with “Why not try it?” Instead of “You can’t do that by yourself,” try “I can help you do that, if you’d like.”

Raising, and Understanding, the Class Clown

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2014-03-05 17:16
Making people laugh makes my son feel good, and feeling good is better than feeling uncomfortable when you don't know what to do or how to do it. I know, because I do the same thing.

How Can I ‘Talk to My Kids About Vaping’ if I Don’t Really Know What That Means?

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2014-03-05 15:25
I thought I needed to talk to my children about e-cigarettes, but I don't even have the name right. In fact, I don't even know the right verb.

Tip of the Day February 24

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Wed, 2014-03-05 09:31

Intentionally start conversations with your kids about honesty, friendships, giving to others, and making tough decisions so that you can hear how their values are taking shape.

It’s Harder to Age in Hollywood. Where Is It Harder to Raise Kids?

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2014-03-04 17:02
Hollywood makes going to extremes to maintain even the false illusion of a youthful face seem natural. Do some parts of the country push us to similar extremes when it comes to raising families?

Learning the Rules of the Preschool Application Game

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2014-03-04 11:11
In the world of elite Manhattan preschool applications, you have to find a way to play the game without letting the results matter too much — to you, or to your child.

Tip of the Day February 23

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Tue, 2014-03-04 09:33

Realize that in order to learn from mistakes, children have to make mistakes. Don’t blow up when they make a poor choice. Don’t rescue them from natural consequences.

Tip of the Day February 22

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Mon, 2014-03-03 09:31

Help your children understand the difference between what we can and can’t control. For example, we can control what we say and do; we can’t control what other people say and do.

Tip of the Day February 21

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Sun, 2014-03-02 09:32

Teach your children that kids who pressure them to do things they know they shouldn’t do are not true friends at all. Talk about times when you had to let go of a friendship that wasn’t helpful to you.

How the ‘Trophy for Just Showing Up’ Is Earned

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Sun, 2014-03-02 08:57
The participation trophy may be considered a sorry relic of the self-esteem movement. But to me, it represents a season of struggle.

Tip of the Day February 20

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Sat, 2014-03-01 09:32

Allow your child to express their opinions on various subjects, even (or especially) if they differ from yours. Kids feel supported when they know you value their opinions.

Getting Up in the Night Is Your Wife’s Job

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Fri, 2014-02-28 10:41
When I complained to my mother about how little sleep I was getting when my oldest son was an infant, she asked me why I'd get up in the night — that, she said, was my wife's job. Six years later, I'm still getting up in the night, but now I'd give her a different answer.

Snapchat and Teenagers: What Parents Need to Know

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Fri, 2014-02-28 09:31

By: Molly Daniels, Guest Blogger

Forget Facebook and Twitter, the new social media tool of choice is Snapchat. The messaging platform boasted 26 million U.S. users at the end of 2013, according to Pew Research.

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