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Thanks to Video Monitors, Parents are the New Big Brother

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2014-09-24 13:08
Parents who start using video baby monitors to observe infant sleep often continue using them long past a child's babyhood, and children are sometimes aware that they're being watched.

Tip of the Day September 15

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Wed, 2014-09-24 08:30

Help your child set daily homework goals and suggest a comfortable location where studying will be easier.

Civil Disorder, Out of the Curriculum and Into the Streets

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2014-09-24 05:58
Denver students protesting a proposed anti-protest curriculum-review committee appear to have learned lessons about the value of questioning authority, and irony.

How to See More of Your Best Friends? Move Away

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2014-09-23 10:48
When the demands of parenthood, career, and general midlife busy-ness made it tough to see friends as much as we wanted to, we moved away, and saw them more.

Ordering Abortion Drugs for Her Daughter Earns a Mother Jail Time

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2014-09-23 10:01
On Sept. 12th, Jennifer Whalen, a 39-year-old mother of three, went to jail to begin serving a 9-to-18-month sentence. Whalen’s crime was, in effect, ordering pills online that her older daughter took in the first several weeks of an unplanned pregnancy, when she was 16, to induce a miscarriage. The drugs have been available from a doctor with a prescription in the United States since 2000 and are used around the world to induce miscarriage. Read more.

Tip of the Day September 14

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Tue, 2014-09-23 08:33

Involve your children in decisions about family spiritual activities.

Weekly Quandary: Whose Last Name?

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Mon, 2014-09-22 13:32
Tennessee law forbids combining a mother and father’s surnames into a single name for baby — or giving an infant a mother’s last name without both parents’ “mutual assent.”

Spanking Isn’t Culture. It’s a Cycle of Abuse.

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Mon, 2014-09-22 09:50
Adrian Peterson shouldn’t sell himself short. He is where he is today in spite of his father, not because of him, and what he learned from him now threatens his career and his family.

Tip of the Day September 13

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Mon, 2014-09-22 08:32

Make sure your child isn’t over- or under-scheduled. Your child also needs downtime at home, as well as time with you.

Tip of the Day September 12

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Sun, 2014-09-21 08:35

Help your kids to set healthy boundaries so that when someone pressures them to do something against their values and beliefs, they’re more likely to say no.

From Lymphoma Mom to Just Mom, and Holding

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Sun, 2014-09-21 07:30
During chemotherapy, my cancer shifted from being a sad thing to being a sad and annoying thing. No one wanted anything to change, but almost everything did.

Tip of the Day September 11

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Sat, 2014-09-20 08:31

Be low-key when you’re around kids. Kids tend to gravitate toward calm adults who listen to them.

Don’t Make Me Land This Plane

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Fri, 2014-09-19 11:19
Sometimes both parties to a dispute have right on their side, but they still can't both win.

Your Turn: A Weekend Thread, Open for Comments

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Fri, 2014-09-19 09:16
Welcome to Motherlode’s weekly open thread. Do you have thoughts about the news this week, and how it affects families? A question to ask? A rant to share? This is your place. Go.

Tip of the Day September 10

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Fri, 2014-09-19 08:33

Help your child find ways to learn more about a subject that really interests her or him. For example, you might invite an animal lover to watch a documentary about a favorite animal or visit a local veterinarian.

Raising Teenagers: Protect When You Must, Permit When You Can

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Thu, 2014-09-18 13:02
There’s not much we can do to rush neurological maturation along in our teens, but we can help kids practice their burgeoning skills of self-control as they emerge.

Tip of the Day September 9

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Thu, 2014-09-18 08:33

When your children are excited about something, share their excitement.

Tip of the Day September 8

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Thu, 2014-09-18 08:33

Encourage your children to evaluate friends and heroes in terms of their positive or negative influence.

Independence Referendum Is a Win for Scotland’s Children

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2014-09-17 23:36
With voter turnout expected to be around 80 percent and polls predicting a thin margin, a glaring message of the referendum has been that every vote counts. For children, that lesson is a victory in itself.

A Surrogate and a Mother: Partners in Pregnancy Share Their Story

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2014-09-17 20:45
After cancer, Angela Salerni couldn’t bear a child — but she had frozen embryos. She needed a surrogate: Roshael Rose. It was a perfect match, but it still wasn’t easy.
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