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This Holiday, Together; the Next, Apart

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2014-12-02 10:52
For someone who ascribes so much value to being present, living in constant countdown mode while waiting for my husband's returns feels ironic at best, overwhelming at worst.

Tip of the Day November 23

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Tue, 2014-12-02 08:30

Listen to your child and respect what he or she tells you.

The Modern Parent’s ABC: H Is for Harried

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Mon, 2014-12-01 15:02
Frosting three dozen cupcakes for school while helping with a science project and answering your email? Welcome to the modern parent's alphabet.

An Aging Parent’s Frustrations, Heard but Not Absorbed

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Mon, 2014-12-01 13:25
For years, I've been listening as my once-vibrant father transfers his frustration with his chronic ailments onto me. But when I hang up the phone, I hang up his dissatisfaction, too.

Weekly Quandary: Would Santa Say ‘No’ to an iPad?

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Mon, 2014-12-01 09:56
My 8-year-old boy/girl twins have decided they're only asking Santa for one item this year: an iPad. Each. I'm pretty sure Santa will say no. But should he? And how?

Tip of the Day November 22

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Mon, 2014-12-01 08:35

Invite your child’s friends to hang out in your home when you are there. Take time to chat with them.

Tip of the Day November 21

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Sun, 2014-11-30 08:32

When your child pulls away from you and wants a lot of privacy, first understand that this is completely normal. However, do encourage trusted adults to stay connected to your child. While your kids may not want to talk to you, they may be much more open to talking to a teacher, a grandparent, or a neighbor.

Glossy Photo Cards, Highlighting Grief

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Sat, 2014-11-29 18:59
This is not a campaign to end the photo card. But the year our daughter died, it would have been so much kinder to send something else.

Tip of the Day November 20

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Sat, 2014-11-29 08:30

Distract young children from inappropriate behavior and draw attention to how you want them to act.

Tip of the Day November 19

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Fri, 2014-11-28 08:34

Parenting is not a sprint. It’s a marathon (and maybe more like a triathlon). Pace yourself. You need time to unwind, even if only for a few minutes.

Your Turn: A Weekend Thread, Open for Comments

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Fri, 2014-11-28 08:14
Welcome to Motherlode’s weekly open thread. Do you have thoughts about the news this week, and how it affects families? A question to ask? A rant to share? This is your place. Go.

Kindle Versus Ipad: Which Tablet Is Best for Kids?

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Thu, 2014-11-27 19:06
When choosing a child's tablet, remember that you are making a down payment toward a content library that will last for years. Making a hasty decision based on price may backfire.

Tip of the Day November 18

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Thu, 2014-11-27 08:33

Give children opportunities to plan and to lead some family activities.

This Thanksgiving, Setting My Family Free

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2014-11-26 17:30
This year, I understand that my grown children are trying too hard to be with everyone in some fashion over a period of very few days allotted to that purpose.

Intensive Thanksgiving

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2014-11-26 11:27
Before he lost his ability to speak, one of my son’s favorite questions was, "Mommy, what are you thankful for?" Over the Thanksgiving we spent in the intensive care unit, I continued to answer the question he could no longer ask.

Tip of the Day November 17

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Wed, 2014-11-26 08:32

Ask your children to read to you as they learn to read. Show them that you are excited about their reading.

The Giving Tree: ‘Take What You Want, Leave What You Can’

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2014-11-26 05:35
Stocking the branches of the Giving Tree with candy, gloves and small gifts kept us busy, and grateful, all season long.

Talking About Racism With White Kids

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2014-11-25 18:24
Having an “uncomfortable” talk with your white children about privilege, bias and racism? Good.

Covering the Ferguson Verdict Protests, With Kids in the Minivan

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2014-11-25 15:01
My 5-year-old has become a veteran of the protests I often cover as a journalist, so much so that she has her own explanations. “Did they shoot someone again, Mama?” she asked. “His parents must be very, very sad. It's like that boy in the pictures in Times Square, remember?”

Traveling Solo With Children, and Playing the Deployment Card

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2014-11-25 10:38
With my husband deployed, my days of team man-on-man defense are over. I'm playing zone with two toddlers, and traveling, as we will this week, is the hardest game of all.
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