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Another Standardized Test, This Time of Citizenship

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2015-01-28 11:30
Is requiring high schoolers to take the same citizenship exam as immigrants who want to become United States citizen a good way to test a curriculum, or just another memorization requirement?

Tip of the Day January 17

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Wed, 2015-01-28 08:35

Eat dinner together as often as possible. Try sharing one good and one difficult thing from each person’s day.

Tip of the Day January 16

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Tue, 2015-01-27 08:33

Value actions as well as words. Listen to what you teen tells you, and pay close attention to what he does as well as with whom he does it.

Totally Prepared. Still Freaking Out.

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2015-01-27 07:54
One would think that we'd be more ready for her; after all, we had been waiting for this moment for over three years. But "ready" and "get your car seat" are two very different things.

A Mobile Umbilical Cord, Off the Table, but Still Connected

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Mon, 2015-01-26 15:07
Those of us who keep our phones nearby all the time — just in case — run the risk of 24/7 distractedness, of never being fully there for our work, ourselves, or our non-offspring companions.

Snow Day Approaches

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Mon, 2015-01-26 12:16
Cookie baking. Board game playing. Snow shoveling. What will you do with your snow day?

Tip of the Day January 15

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Mon, 2015-01-26 08:31

Parenting is too much to do alone. Lean on family and friends. Ask others to be a positive force in your child’s life, help enforce boundaries as well as do fun things together with your child.

Changing Early Pregnancy Etiquette: Share Good News, and Bad

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Sun, 2015-01-25 20:24
When we decided not to tell friends and family about my pregnancy until after the first trimester, we never paused to consider how much we might need those people if something did actually go wrong.

Tip of the Day January 14

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Sun, 2015-01-25 08:33

Think before you speak. Try never to make offhand negative comments (“You’re so lazy!”) as they can have long-term effects on your child’s self image.

Tip of the Day January 13

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Sat, 2015-01-24 08:32

When behaviors drive you crazy, give yourself grace. Seek out the wisdom of other parents you admire, try new strategies, and remember you weren’t born knowing how to parent.

Childless, With Regret and Advice: Don’t Wait for the Perfect Picture

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Fri, 2015-01-23 11:23
I didn't want to become my mother, so I actively avoided becoming a mother at all until it was too late.

The View from Inside the Stroller

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Fri, 2015-01-23 10:31
Diego Acosta López wanted to see what it was like when his son, Ignacio — just shy of 2 — visited New York City for the first time.

Your Turn: A Weekend Thread, Open for Comments

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Fri, 2015-01-23 09:46
Welcome to Motherlode’s weekly open thread. Do you have thoughts about the news this week, and how it affects families? A question to ask? A rant to share? This is your place. Go.

Tip of the Day January 12

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Fri, 2015-01-23 08:33

Express an interest in your child’s friends and social life. Having the people outside of family who are important to them acknowledged will remind your kids that they are important to you.

A New Nominee for Worst Tween Sitcom on TV

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Thu, 2015-01-22 13:25
Instead of a show about the coed and girls' teams our children have grown up with, Nickelodeon offers "Bella and the Bulldogs," an ugly throwback to an era when girls who love sports are always odd girl out.

Tip of the Day January 11

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Thu, 2015-01-22 08:34

Don’t give false praise. Be authentic, but kind. Kids can tell when adults are being fake or insincere.

Free of Gluten, but Not of Arsenic (or of Guilt)

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2015-01-21 16:24
For gluten-free families, the increasing concerns about arsenic and rice are a source of worry and guilt. But how much should parents blame themselves?

When Measles Spreads From Disneyland, It’s a Small World After All

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Wed, 2015-01-21 15:50
A current measles outbreak, now at 48 confirmed cases, began with a visitor to Disneyland, and quickly spread beyond those directly exposed there.

Tip of the Day January 10

ParentFurther RSS Feeds - Wed, 2015-01-21 08:31

Surround yourself with families you admire. Learn what you want and don’t want to do. Be intentional with the choices you make in managing your family.

43 and Pregnant

Motherlode Blog Feeds - Tue, 2015-01-20 14:37
My pregnancy’s viability is still very much in limbo. As am I. I am readying myself for whatever happens, but I am split in a way I have never felt before.
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