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Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Forever Stamp

Fri, 2014-11-07 09:43
At the risk of being accused of holiday creep, I have to share these Rudolph, Santa, Hermey and Bumble stamps.

Dear Teenagers: Come Babysit. Please.

Thu, 2014-11-06 14:19
I get it. You're busy with iPhones and iPads and WhatApp and whatnot. But couldn't you do all those things from the comfort of my home for $10 (or so) an hour?

The Child Who Declares ‘I Want to Be Rich’

Thu, 2014-11-06 08:21
It's a statement that makes some parents uncomfortable — what are we teaching them, if that's the goal? It's still worth talking about honestly.

While Some Parents Volunteer Too Much, Others Feel Excluded

Wed, 2014-11-05 14:36
Language barriers and perceived race and class barriers can mean that when it comes to volunteering, some parents stay home—and feel unable to help their children achieve.

Paid Sick Leave: On Four Ballots, and Undefeated

Wed, 2014-11-05 11:35
Paid sick leave was on four ballots last night. All four initiatives passed, even in Massachusetts, which now has both a Republican governor and the nation's strongest requirements for paid sick leave.

Raising Invisible Kids: Not Everyone Needs to Be Famous

Wed, 2014-11-05 09:48
So many young people think: Why would I want to work backstage when I can vie to be the front person? But "backstage" work (literally or metaphorically) can lead to a more fulfilling and even more successful life.

‘Not Rescuing’ Our Kids Shouldn’t Mean Letting Them Flounder

Tue, 2014-11-04 12:57
I understand why so many of the smartest women I know are proudly carrying the no-rescue flag. Hovering and rescuing isn't a good way to raise kids. But do we really need to leave them to flounder alone?

‘What You Sign Up For’ When You Marry Into the Military

Tue, 2014-11-04 08:20
As we prepare for my husband's deployment, the first since the birth of our two children, a not-so-sympathetic friend asks, “But you had to know what you signed up for, right?”

Writer, Rejected for a Retail Job, Is Embraced and Vilified on Facebook

Mon, 2014-11-03 16:19
A story of a failed marriage and financial implosion provokes equal and opposite reactions on Facebook. Why?

When the Message on Marijuana Is Still ‘Just Say No’

Mon, 2014-11-03 12:13
While some families may approach it differently, there remain excellent reasons for taking a 'Just Say No' stance on marijuana use and teens — without expecting that to end the conversation.

A Family’s Truth About Marijuana Depends on the Family

Mon, 2014-11-03 12:12
Reporting on five families with wildly divergent ideas about what to teach their kids about marijuana, from no tolerance to offering to roll the joints and make nachos.

When a Teacher Is Arrested for Child Pornography, Students Will Talk

Sun, 2014-11-02 06:37
When a teacher at my children's elementary school was arrested, the school sent an email asking parents to have older children keep quiet to protect the younger kids. But it's impossible to put a stop to playground talk.

Candy. It’s What’s for Dinner.

Fri, 2014-10-31 12:51
I'll be cooking next week, but I'm sure not cooking tonight!

More Children Means More Work Productivity, Study Suggests

Fri, 2014-10-31 12:12
Researchers found that over the course of a 30-year career in academia, both female and male economists who were parents outperformed academic economists without children at almost every stage of their careers.

An Illustrated Guide to Eight Kinds of Halloween Candy You Won’t Like and Should Give to Me Immediately

Fri, 2014-10-31 11:01
Heath bars. Twix. Reeses. Spree. Seriously, you'd just hate those. Isn't your bucket getting awfully heavy anyway?

Your Turn: A Weekend Thread, Open for Comments

Fri, 2014-10-31 07:50
Welcome to Motherlode’s weekly open thread. Do you have thoughts about the news this week, and how it affects families? A question to ask? A rant to share? This is your place. Go.

At This House, Only the Kids in Good Costumes Get Good Candy

Thu, 2014-10-30 12:45
Should you reward those who obey the unwritten rules of Halloween — dress up, be a child, say "trick-or-treat" — with better sweets?

Sororities: Sisterhood, With More Than One Price Tag

Thu, 2014-10-30 11:32
Sorority life is expensive, and not all the costs are financial.

Why Teenagers Cut, and How to Help

Thu, 2014-10-30 08:47
In the mind of a teenager who self-injures, cutting helps regulate emotions, and strategies that might help most teens can backfire.

Pregnant? Working? A New Resource for Knowing Your Rights.

Wed, 2014-10-29 14:11
An easy-to-use, state-by-state resource for pregnancy and parenting laws.