Ages 15-18: Spiritual Development

We don’t always think of spiritual development as part of the overall process of growing up. But, as we mature, all humans spend time thinking about the meaning of life, why we are here, how we treat others and ourselves, and what we value. Our answers to these questions are always evolving, and they help shape our personal beliefs and personalities. It’s important to remember that spirituality can be expressed in a multitude of ways, regardless of the religious tradition that your family recognizes.

  • Older teenagers begin to make choices about where intentional spiritual practices fit (or don’t fit) in their lives.
  • Many become clearer about the activities and things that bring joy and energy in life, including a sense of vocation. Learn more >
  • Children begin to internalize personal beliefs and practices, which may be similar to or different from those of their parents and their friends.
  • Kids can develop strong convictions regarding social and political change. They may become deeply committed to service and social change. Some may even become activists for causes they believe in.
  • Your children are more aware of different spiritual and religious traditions. Those who are interested in this area often will seek to understand different forms of spirituality.

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