Do You Know Your Neighbor?

Neighbors can be great, but close relationships with neighbors don’t happen overnight. Take a walk in the neighborhood and introduce yourselves to your neighbors. Start in a small way to get to know them. Create a fun getting-to-know-you quiz for your kids to present to your neighbors. Ask questions like: When is your birthday? What about anniversaries? Do you have kids? Do you have any pets?

As they answer these questions, take notes and consider extending friendship to your neighbors throughout the year by remembering important celebrations with little acts of kindness like cards or home baked treats. If it seems right, exchange contact information – names of all in the family, phone numbers, etc. Here are our family names and our phone number in case you ever need a cup of flour or sugar.” If the neighbors have pets, walking dogs is a great way to get exercise while getting to know your neighbors. If your kids love dogs, and are responsible and caring, consider the idea of offering a dog walking service to your neighbors.

What else can you do to get to know your neighbors?

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