Family Memory Game

Create your own Memory game (the game where you flip over cards, two at a time, to find matching pictures) using pictures and captions of family stories. Have the game leader ask each person to think of 3 -5 favorite memories from the family. Then, each family member should draw a picture (or find a picture from a magazine to use) to represent one memory on an index card. Have each family member label the memory beneath the picture, and then, on a second index card, write the same label as well as a short description of what it is about that memory that they cherish.

For example, Brendon might draw a stick-person sitting in a circle on water and label it “tubing down the river”. On his other card, also labeled “tubing down the river,” he might write down that he loves being in the water with his cousins at the lake. Do this for each of the 3-5 memories. Once done, mix up all the cards and spread them out face down on the table. Taking turns, turn over 2 cards at a time trying to match memories. The person who makes the most matches wins. Play as often as desired. This game is great for discovering what memories are precious to your family and the reasons why each person values his or her favorite memories.

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