About Us

ParentFurther is here to help you raise caring, healthy, responsible, successful kids. Our easy-to-use, comprehensive resource seeks to build a unique community that provides access to support and practical, everyday steps to help you with a wide range of parenting issues. Behind our advice and approach are research-based information and tools that have been put to the test in the real world. The cornerstone of our approach is Search Institute’s Developmental Assets: 40 common sense, positive qualities and experiences that help influence the choices kids make.

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Search Institute

ParentFurther is a project of Search Institute, an independent, nonprofit organization committed to helping create healthy communities for every child. Search Institute provides leadership, knowledge, and resources to community members seeking to create a world where kids can thrive. For over 50 years, Search Institute has been a leader in discovering what kids need to succeed, and is widely acknowledged as a leader in the positive youth development field for its creation of the Developmental Assets.

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Parenting Advisory Board

The content of ParentFurther has been reviewed and approved by a panel of experts on parenting, child psychology, education, and positive youth development. The information on ParentFurther reflects the latest research on youth development and conforms to the best practices of the positive youth development field.

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Building a Community of Caring Adults

One of the primary goals of ParentFurther.com is to create a strong community that allows our users to share stories, ask questions, provide useful information, and support each other. Through the use of social media, we are creating a nationwide network of parents, educators, and parenting professionals striving to make the world a better place for children through building assets and engaging communities around positive youth development. MVParents.com serves as the hub of this network, providing means for connecting with other individuals as well as the information that parents need.


ParentFurther partners with several national corporations and organizations to bring you the practical advice and guidance provided on this Web site.

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