SYTN Workshops


What’s a SYTN Workshop?

The SYTN Parent Program is a series of 5 small-group, 1 1/2-hour workshops designed to help parents raise happy, self-reliant kids. Each session has a specific set of topics–and covers a few Big Ideas. The sessions are relaxed, interactive and engaging–filled with little exercises and demonstrations that teach you new skills that will help you understand (and counteract) the messages your kids are being bombarded with each day.

Key Workshop Topics

  • The importance of self-discipline to a child’s development
  • Setting and consistently enforcing limits and consequences
  • Avoiding power struggles
  • Helpful versus unhelpful praise
  • Steps to prevent or reverse Discipline Deficit Disorder (DDD)

Modern Parenting is Tough!

Today’s parents are grappling with a new language—and a new set of challenges—that past generations never had to face. We’re bucking a culture of More in an era of Less, and struggling find the happy medium. And we need help!

The SYTN Parent Program is grounded in research and focused on the challenges and realities of life in the 21st Century. It helps parents instill values, build self-esteem, and set boundaries. And it offers practical strategies to help them raise more self-aware, self-disciplined kids.