Parenting Professionals


Say Yes to No is a 5-session parent education program that is facilitated by trained leaders using the SYTN curriculum. Without leaders there is no program—and no impact. We need you!

Who Can Be a Leader?

SYTN leaders are often professional parent educators who work for a district, church, community or school. They are charged with finding and delivering programs that will be meaningful and valuable for the families they serve. But you don’t have to be an official parent educator to be a SYTN Leader.

How Can I Become One?

To become a SYTN Leader, you simply need to have a desire to learn the program and a willingness to help parents. Fortunately, we have made learning the program as quick and easy as possible. Here’s how:

  • Get the SYTN Leader’s Kit. It contains everything you need to learn the program—and deliver 5 informative and interactive sessions: a Training DVD, Parent Workbooks and a step-by-step Leader’s Guide that tells you exactly what to expect, do and say in each session. There are even tools and templates you can use to promote the program to your parents. Learn more >
  • Watch the training DVD. Your kit includes a complete DVD that will walk you through the entire program. You can watch Dr. David Walsh, author, parenting expert and founder of The National Institute on Media and the Family, deliver the 5-session series live to a group of parents. You’ll get a clear sense of how these fun and interactive workshops really work. Get the DVD >

Already a Leader?